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Authentic Experiences Across Italy

The Places You Visit Are Just the Beginning

Heart of Italia does more than take you to the most iconic cities and landmarks in Italy. We make it possible for you to truly experience the Italian way of life. From slowing down and relaxing in your private Italian villa to exploring underground caves and historic places, our experiences are specially crafted to create memories you can cherish with the family and friends who are most important to you.

We’ll take care of everything for every experience, including planning and transportation. And if you want extra flexibility? We’ll help you hire the best private driver who knows the hidden places and the roads. See what’s possible with Heart of Italia.

Food and Wine

There’s nothing better than good Italian food and wine. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find it among the tourist shops and restaurants. We take you beyond those to the essence of Italian cuisine.

Our personal connections with local wineries and chefs give you access to culinary experiences you’d never have on an ordinary trip. Learn to make pasta and enjoy a favorite Italian meal at the end of your exclusive cooking class. Get out and explore the best food and wine Italy has to offer, or sit back and relax in the comfort of Selvamica while a private chef serves a delicious array of courses inspired by local culinary tradition.

There’s more than one way to experience Italy’s world-renowned food and wine. We’ll help you find the experience you crave, with personalized tours and menus. Just a few of our customizable food and wine experiences include private, guided wine tours, wine tasting and meal pairings, cooking classes, aperitivo at the villa, and local food events.


The Colosseum. Pompeii. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Italy has some of the richest history and most well-known sites in the world. But Italy’s history is so much more than that.

It’s the Estruscan caves in Orvieto, where over 1200 caves were built before the Romans ever set foot on Italian soil. It’s the frescoes in the Basilica of San Francis in Assisi and the Civita di Bagnoregio – The Dying City – a town that’s slowly crumbling as the hill its perched on sinks into the valley below.

Italy’s history is diverse and compelling, with more to see and learn than you could experience in a lifetime. We’ll show you the most engaging parts with charming and terrifically knowledgeable guides. Imagine visiting the Colosseum with an Italian archeologist. Or touring underground caves with a local who grew up playing around their entrances. Our historical experiences are perfect for any group. Whether you want to show your children the power of history or experience life-changing moments with a partner or friend, we’ll make sure you get to see the richest parts of Italian history.

Art and Architecture

From the breathtaking David of Michelangelo to the Sistine Chapel, there is no shortage of art and architecture in Italy.

Visit, explore, and experience the most famous architecture, pieces of art, and sculptures in all of Italy and around the world. We’ll take you on custom experiences of art and stunning buildings from middle-ages to the renaissance, creating a truly unique adventure through Italy’s culture.

Art is deeply personal, so every art and architecture experience we offer is tailored to your interests. If paintings inspire you, we’ll show you the best in the world. If the stunning frescoes and renaissance designs of Italian churches spark joy in your life, then we’ll take you to celebrated churches and hidden gems that will open your eyes to a new type of beauty.

Tell us what you’re interested in, and we’ll take you there, including providing local museum guides, arranging church and chapel excursions, and taking you on city tours. We also make it possible for you to truly immerse yourself in Italian culture through events as well as hidden art and architecture gems.

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Contrary to popular belief, the best shopping in Italy isn’t in the high-end boutiques in Milan. It’s in the local shops and expert craftsman pieces that most tourists are never introduced to.

That may start with central Italy’s biggest cities, such as Rome and Florence, but Heart of Italia will help you find shopping avenues that are so much more interesting than those. Our local guides will take you to the unseen artisans in Orvieto, Assisi, Spoleto, and more. Instead of shopping in the most expensive boutiques in Milan, you’ll shop at some of the highest quality and most unique stores in the country. Local markets, stalls in the town square selling fresh Italian bread and cheese, exquisite artisan crafts, and the best Italian jewelry are just the start.

Without a guide who lives and works in Italy, you may never find the perfect one-of-a-kind jewelry boutique or Italian leather shop. You may never know how to find the best local produce or sample homemade wine at the weekly farmer’s market. With Heart of Italia, you will. Whatever you want to experience or take home to treasure for a lifetime, we’ll take you to the best towns with the best shops.

Unique Italian Adventures

There is so much that people don’t know about Italy, so much they don’t see when they visit.

There are anecdotes behind a statue or favorite Italian activities like truffle hunting that most visitors never get to do. More than anything, it’s these experiences that we want to bring to you.

So come truffle hunting with us, searching the forest with dogs that are specially trained to find these rare delicacies. Or tell us what you want to experience. If you have a special request that will complete your dream trip, creating memories with family or friends, we want to make that happen for you. Your desires and interests, the time you want to spend, and your travel schedule can all be massaged to fit into your vision. Our comprehensive itineraries include ground transportation, accommodation, expert local guides, and extraordinary experiences throughout Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio.


When we look back on our lives, it’s our relationships that stand out the most. They’re the most meaningful parts of our existence, with family memories among the most cherished of all.

Italy is a country built around family, and our experiences are too. We value aunts and uncles, children, grandmothers, cousins and the friends who become our chosen families. All our itineraries can be customized to be family friendly, no matter what ages are coming on the trip. We’ll show young children what’s affectionately known as the Monster Park, an open space filled with fanciful statues and colorful beasts that delight adults and children alike. Adults can choose accessible tours, active adventures, and peaceful retreats that help them connect.

The majority of our groups are families, or more than one family traveling together, and we’re passionate about helping them experience and connect with Italian culture in the most authentic way. Starting at Selvamica, where you can relax with those you love, then incorporating the trips and experiences that create tomorrow’s cherished memories, we will build you a custom, family-friendly itinerary that makes this trip different from any other.

Day Trips

There are iconic landmarks and hidden gems throughout Italy, and Selvamica, your private villa, is in the middle of them all.

With our beautiful, restored villa as your base, we can take you on day trips though the country to see some of the most stunning places in Europe.

On our day trips, you can visit more places in less time, without being overwhelmed by constantly packing and unpacking every day, as you would with typical tours. Instead, you can sink in and experience the depth of Italian culture. From picturesque cities to classic medieval towns and hidden vineyards, our day trips are the perfect blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation. Every night, you’ll return to your home at Selvamica to slow down and breathe, experiencing the excitement of Italy alongside the tranquility of the peaceful Italian lifestyle.

Heart of Italia’s day trips include favorite itineraries recommended by dozens of travelers as well as custom tours personalized to your preferences. From Selvamica, you can easily reach dozens of towns, each with their unique attractions and charms. Get in touch with us for more information on trips to Assisi, Orvieto, Florence, Montepulciano, and more.

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