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Uncover the essence of Italy.

Discover Italy from an authentic country villa, with personalized excursions to Italy’s most compelling – and hidden – sites. Heart of Italia designs travel experiences and creative retreats for private groups. We arrange everything, from your artisan Italian home to activities you could never do without a local by your side.

Escape from your daily routine and reconnect to what’s most important. Relax. Breathe. And enjoy. We’ll show you how to live like an Italian.

We were having trouble connecting to our kids through the phones, video games, and our own busy schedules. Even finding a place we all wanted to go was a challenge. Italy was the perfect solution. It helped us disconnect from all the technology and get back to what’s really important – our family.

For me, it’s never been about seeing the sites. It’s the quiet. The countryside and the lifestyle itself. It helps me calm the voice in my head so I can focus on creating. I do my best work at Selvamica.

We’ve always been a close team, but we get caught up in the emails and the deadlines. We went to Selvamica to put some distance between ourselves and the day to day. Evaluate our business through fresh eyes and make better decisions. Where better to do that than Italy?

Italy was our gift to ourselves. I was about to turn 40. Sarah was getting married, and our friends were diving headfirst into their careers. We wanted to celebrate - and get away before it got crazy. We spent so much time laughing. And Sandro’s friends! Amazing guides. We’d never have seen so much without them. They’re memories we’ll always come back to.

Villa Living

Experience Italy through Rome, Florence, and the Italian coastline – all from Selvamica, an authentic villa in the heart of Italy.

Selvamica is a private 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom home filled with artisan furniture that can accommodate up to 11 guests. Nestled between the rolling hills of Tuscany and the wilder landscapes of Umbria, Selvamica is perched on a scenic hillside among Italy’s most stunning destinations, so you can visit the places you’re captivated by from a home you adore.

Relax and immerse yourself in the soothing rhythm of villa life. Shop the local market. Sip your morning cappuccino on the terrace. Appreciate the small moments that make up a day. Selvamica’s quiet country setting encourages you to live slower, breathe, and take time to enjoy life the way Italians do.

Unpack and settle in. Discover what draws famous authors, conductors, and artists back for inspiration year after year. Welcome home.

Authentic Experiences with Local Guides

Italy isn’t a tower, or a church, or a statue. It’s the countryside and the local vineyards. It’s the forest where truffles are hidden among the leaves. It’s the beauty behind the art, and the catacombs you don’t know are there unless someone shows you.

We’ll take you to Rome, Florence, Assisi and many towns in Umbria and Tuscany regions. But we’ll show you more than just the scenes you’ve already seen in photographs. We’ll show you the real Italy.

See Beyond the Sights

Visit historic cities, then go beneath them to hidden catacombs. Find the best pistachio gelato in the city. Learn the back alleys of Montalcino and Montepulciano with someone who grew up there. We’ll help you experience places and activities that other visitors don’t even know exist.

Savor the True Taste of Italy

Delight in true Italian food – the kind you can’t find anywhere else – with Francesca, who will guide you through local markets and help you sample regional specialties. Then head to a vineyard to learn Italy’s wine-making secrets.

Learn the Family Recipe

Experience recipes passed down for generations or try making them yourself with a private chef. From farm to market to table, we’ll teach you to make umbrichelli al tartufo and other specialties like only Italians can.

Indulge Your Interests

Local shops with high fashion, hunting for truffles in the forest, or bicycling through vineyards at sunset – Italy is about following your passions. Tell us your interests, and we’ll find the perfect place, the perfect guide, the perfect moment to take you there.

Reconnect and Rediscover Your Joy

My name is Sandro, and I started Heart of Italia because I’ve found that many people visit Italy, but few truly experience the culture or opportunity it offers to relax and reconnect. Traveling is another busy, scheduled experience, just like the day-to-day where it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

That’s not what Italy is about. Italians move slower. We savor every moment. Every coffee, every piece of art. Every person in our lives, every day. Heart of Italia helps you live that same lifestyle. We show you how to slow down and refocus on the things that matter most in your life. Your family or friends. The passion that drives you.

We’re not a tour company. We’re not a travel agency. We’re Italians, passing down the culture we love. Selvamica is my home. It’s a traditional Italian villa that’s been restored and filled with art – from the tile to the furniture, it is a return to beauty and relaxation. The experiences we offer are from locals who were born and raised here.

Let the beauty of my world reconnect you to the beauty of yours.

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